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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Comparison between "Lord Of The Flies" and "Lost"

We have finished reading lord of the flies, and so we can find a lot of similarities with the series Lost.
Both show the actitudes of survival that human beings have in this extreme situations..

We can compare Ralph with Jack as they both are the leaders or chief of the group of people in the island, also Jack Merridew with John Locke or Sawyer as they opposed all time to the opinions, rules and orders established by their chiefs.

In Lord of the Flies the children are afraid of the beast and darkness, in Lost they're afraid of "the others"...this fear took the characters to act in a savage way like killing Simon because they thought he was the beast and on the other hand took Ana Lucia to kill Shanon because she thought she was one of the others.

We can find in both situations the people trying to get water, build some shelters, get food, know each other making a list of the ones who are there etc.
It's possible to compare all the time all the actitudes of the characters of the book with the ones of the Jack M. and Locke trying to hunt, Hurley and Piggy helping their leaders, ralph and Jack thinking of the other ones, etc
This shows that in this kind of situations some people look after the good of all the group but another just only the good of them selfs...but anyway, they try to survive!

Pau Serrano **


Kevin said...

u could also compare jack merridew's sacrifice to the beast, the pig head, and john locke calling boone a sacrifice to the island

Alina Teran said...

totally!!! thank you kevin for your comment, I am sure it will be great help for my students!!
hope to hear from you soon!!

Kevin said...

lol no problem
o ya and when the characters on lost talk to people and see people that arent there, that could be compared to simon's talk with the pig head

Alina Teran said...

grrreat!!!! I see you are a lol &lostie fan!! I will show this to my kids!! they will be delighted!!

Kevin said...

lol yea

simongarfunkle said...

I was wondering if you could tell me who simon from LOTF is most like in the show 'Lost'


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